Skimmers are often used in conjunction with containment booms. A skimmer is a device that collects and removes oil or other mixtures from the surface of the water. Oceancare has different types of skimmers available for use, depending on the kind of mixture being contained and the weather conditions.


Vikoma Komara Star 20


This robust, aluminium skimmer is ideal for tough oil spill environments. Designed for use in coastal areas, ports, waste oil pits and inland waters, the Komara Star 20 can recover high viscosity oil at more than 20m3 /hr. This type of skimmer operates effectively even when surrounded by large debris such as wood.

Aquaguard Triton 150

Ideal for use in protected and calm water environments, this skimmer is able to recover 150 m³/h. The Aquaguard Triton 150 offers extremely high oil recovery rates with up to 98% efficiency and is able to respond to most oil spill needs.

Vikoma Komara 20 Skimmer + V190 Pump


This skimmer combines a recovery rate up to 20 tonnes per hour dependant on various criteria including oil viscosity, temperature, slick thickness and sea state.

The Komara 20 can be used in ports and harbours, shoreline operations and coastal waters, and almost any similar situation where oil needs to be removed from water. It is perfectly suited for recovering a wide range of oils from very light to heavy contaminants with minimal free water pick up.

The system can recover oil at a rate of 22m³ per our