Other Equipment

Transportation Truck


Oceancare is equipped with a DAF LF truck to respond to spills at sea in areas not accessible via the oil recovery vessel due to draft restrictions.

Equipped with DAF LF Hi-Up, the truck also assists the deployment of skimmers at sea and the recovery of reels, booms, and IBC Tanks amongst others.

Industrial High-Pressure Washer

The MAC ZEUS 15/200 diesel is a mobile industrial high-pressure washer equipped with a steam function to effectively clean berths, fenders and other contaminated items.

Power Generator


Oceancare is equipped with an Apd 50A (35Kw, 45KVA) compact-design, high-quality, reliable and complete power unit.

Absorbent Pads & Booms


Oceancare also stocks oil and fuel absorbent pads.

Colour-coded white, these pads are used to absorb oil, fuel, diesel, petrol, and other hydrocarbons.