Other Equipment

Transportation Truck


Oceancare is equipped with a DAF LF truck to respond to spills at sea in areas not accessible via the oil recovery vessel due to draft restrictions.

Equipped with DAF LF Hi-Up, the truck also assists the deployment of skimmers at sea and the recovery of reels, booms, and IBC Tanks amongst others.

Schat Harding Work Boat

This workboat assists in boom deployment in oil spill recovery operations. The workboat is also fitted with a mechanical debris collection cage, which can collect polluting items, plastics and absorbent pads from the water.

Dinghy Rib


Oceancare is also equipped with a dinghy RIB to assist in oil recovery operation and in the deployment of fence and offshore booms

Industrial High-Pressure Washer

The MAC ZEUS 15/200 diesel is a mobile industrial high-pressure washer equipped with a steam function to effectively clean berths, fenders and other contaminated items.

Power Generator


Oceancare is equipped with an Apd 50A (35Kw, 45KVA) compact-design, high-quality, reliable and complete power unit.

Absorbent Pads & Booms


Oceancare also stocks oil and fuel absorbent pads.

Colour-coded white, these pads are used to absorb oil, fuel, diesel, petrol, and other hydrocarbons.