Oil Recovery Vessel

MV Moor 

Classified as an oil spill recovery vessel, the MV moor, is the biggest investment made by Oceancare in the recent years.

The 37-meter vessel is equipped with a rapid-response, single point inflation boom and lateral extending arms used for spraying dispersant chemical on the surface of the sea. It also includes a hydraulic operated pump, which is connected to the sweeping arms.

The MV Moor has an on-board oil spill recovery capacity of 50 cubic metres.




Work Boats

Schat Harding Work Boat

This workboat assists in boom deployment in oil spill recovery operations. The workboat is also fitted with a mechanical debris collection cage, which can collect polluting items, plastics and absorbent pads from the water.

Dinghy Rib


Oceancare is also equipped with a dinghy RIB to assist in oil recovery operation and in the deployment of fence and offshore booms